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Gripbells - set of Two
  • Gripbells - set of Two


    GRIPBELL is a revolutionary fitness design that replaces all other handheld, weighted gym equipment. With various grip positions, GRIPBELL can be used for hundreds of movements to safely and effectively challenge your body.


    A single GRIPBELL can replace all of your dumbbells, kettlebells, and just about any other piece of weighted, handheld gym equipment. No more killing your superset by switching equipment and no more wasted gym space; simplify and intensify your next weightlifting, cross-training, yoga, physical therapy, or interval training session with GRIPBELL.


    GRIPBELL, unlike other free weights, has perfectly distributed weight so you can increase intensity without worrying about losing control of the equipment. Plus, each GRIPBELL is the same size, regardless of weight, so going heavier doesn’t mean adjusting to a larger piece of equipment.


    The GRIPBELL’s recycled cast iron core is wrapped with a grippy, polyurethane exterior. That means all the grip with none of the slip. But accidents happen, and that’s why we designed the GRIPBELL to be safer than your traditional dumbbell or kettlebell with no metal edges and no weighted points. And just because we could, we chose all hypoallergenic materials.


    GRIPBELL is for anyone — professionals or amateurs of all ages, and portable — use it outdoors, indoors, in a swimming pool, at home or when traveling. GRIPBELL is about becoming one with your body.

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